3 Important Steps When Maintaining Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals play a pivotal role in the industrial field, as they are designed to prevent leaks in a lot of important machinery. In order for them to work properly, though, they need to be maintained in the following ways. 

Ensure Proper Installation

Perhaps one of the easiest preventative maintenance steps you can take for mechanical seals is to install them correctly the first time. First and foremost, you need to make sure the mechanical seal you've chosen is compatible with the pump and hardware you're working with.

Some seals are quite delicate, so they need to be handled with caution at all times before they are properly installed. Avoid dropping them and dinging them against hard surfaces if you can. When it comes to installation, it's best to leave it up to contractors that specialize in the machinery you're working with. They can quickly install seals and ensure a proper fit.

Store Them Appropriately 

No matter what type of mechanical seal you're working with, it needs to be stored appropriately when not in use. Otherwise, its structural integrity could be compromised and premature wear and tear could result.

The perfect environment for unused mechanical seals is in a secure, temperature-controlled building. A shed or someplace in your garage will suffice. It's important to avoid placing seals on top of each other, because over time, the excess pressure could cause them to lose their proper form. Then, you may no longer be able to get a proper fit with some of the seals.

Use Industrial Pumps Correctly  

When the industrial pump that contains the mechanical seal isn't used properly, a lot of complications could occur for the seal. For example, if you were to use the pump above the manufacturer's recommended heat settings, your seal could experience excessive heat that ultimately damages it.

Also, you need to make sure your industrial pump is adequately lubricated to circumvent friction between the pump's parts and the mechanical seal. After all, these seals are not pre-treated with any type of lubrication. Finally, if you feel like your industrial pump is getting too hot, simply stop operation until you can troubleshoot the issue.

Without mechanical seals, including lip and radial shaft seals, you wouldn't be able to use a lot of important industrial equipment. Make sure your radio shaft seals hold up for a long time by taking the necessary maintenance steps. You'll save money on replacements and ensure your equipment works at an optimal rate.

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