3 Things To Look For In A Hand Truck

Having the right equipment on your dock makes it easier to load and unload the trucks that transport products to and from your warehouse.

Hand trucks allow workers to move heavy loads with ease. Not all hand trucks are created equal. To ensure that your employees are able to reap the benefits a hand truck can provide, you need to invest in hand trucks that are capable of withstanding heavy use while providing a comfortable grip.

Look for these characteristics as you shop for hand trucks to service your warehouse dock.

1. Nose Plate Extension

It's important that you carefully consider the size of the boxes that you will be loading and unloading on your warehouse dock each day. Chances are, these boxes are larger and can be challenging to balance on a basic hand truck.

Look for hand trucks that have a nose plate extension. These nose plate extensions create a wider platform on which boxes can be stacked. The loaded hand trucks will be more stable, preventing accidents and allowing employees to transport boxes with ease.

2. Foam-Filled Tires

The tires that are installed on your hand trucks can have a direct impact on the performance of these valuable pieces of dock equipment. A warehouse environment is filled with many obstacles that might compromise the integrity of your hand truck tires.

Hand trucks equipped with foam-filled tires are capable of withstanding the dangers of a warehouse environment. Foam-filled tires will retain their shape when punctured by sharp objects. Your hand trucks will never be put out of service by a flat tire when you opt to invest in hand trucks with foam-filled tires instead of tires filled with air.

3. Ergonomic Handle

The type of handle that comes on your hand trucks plays a critical role in employee comfort. You want hand trucks that have handles which are ergonomically designed to help reduce employee fatigue.

Look for hand trucks with round handles that are completely covered with a soft foam. This foam will not only provide a cushion for the hands, but it will help improve an employee's grip on the hand truck to prevent accidents during load transport.

Hand trucks help make the movement of heavy boxes a lot easier. The right hand trucks on your loading docks will help employees preserve the integrity of your products and reduce the amount of time it takes to load or unload trucks coming in and out of your warehouse. Visit a site like http://www.commercialhardwaregroup.com for more help.

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