Why Graphite Ferrules Are The Right Tools For Your Manufacturing Processes

If you are in the manufacturing business, it's always a good idea to produce with the end result in mind. The entire manufacturing floor should be designed to build piece upon piece until you end up with the final blueprint which was used to create the basic product from the very start. Although the larger parts of the puzzle might be set in stone, you have some leeway when it comes to the tiny nuts and bolts that will hold everything together. Metal nuts and couplers are a common choice, but going with graphite ferrules could provide you with benefits that make them much more worthwhile.

Graphite Ferrules Allow For Easier Deconstruction

Because you are all about putting products together, you might not give much thought to what it means to actually take it all apart. There are some occasions where you could be asked by a vendor to create a product that is fully assembled. However, once it arrives at the final destination, it might need to be disassembled in order to get it where it needs to go.

An example of this would be if you produce large, fully assembled bookcases. The trip to the retail store where they will be sold will probably be a breeze because there are large doorways to go through and huge warehouses to store everything in. The problem comes in when a consumer orders the product and tries to get it into their house. Unless they have a double-wide entryway, they may need to take it completely apart to get it through the door. If you use steel or metal nuts and bolts, the job could seem much too difficult for a novice.

Soft & Pliable Graphite Ferrules Speed The Deconstruction Process

Because graphite ferrules are both soft and pliable, it typically doesn't take very much to loosen them up and take products apart. Now, don't confuse pliability with lack of strength. Graphite is an incredibly strong material, and when it's made into ferrules, it retains that same ruggedness only it can now be manipulated enough to unscrew without needing the physical strength of the biggest ox you can find! Using the ferrules during the initial production makes things flow more smoothly once the item is with the person who buys it.

Using graphite ferrules can totally change up the way that your goods are produced. Give these amazing little tools a try and watch as they revolutionize how you manufacture items from here on out. 

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If you are in the manufacturing business, it's always a good idea to produce with the end result in mind. The entire manufacturing floor should be des